Jaclyn's Beauty Philosophy

A daily regimen that has proven results

Jaclyn Smith is widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful women. Her beauty has remained consistent throughout her career,
and her skin appears ageless. Her synergistic approach to beauty is not limited to the products she uses,
but is an integral part of a lifestyle of healthy choices, and an easy to follow routine,
that has ensured that her beauty continues unimpaired, defying time.

30 years of professional experience
Her skin care habits are based on more than 30 years of professional and personal experience, including her interaction with leading makeup artists and dermatologists. Jaclyn faithfully adheres to a straightforward routine every day to care for her skin, and her synergistic approach to skin health and beauty, including unique complementary products is intended to counter every aspect of the aging process.

Take charge of your health & beauty
Jaclyn actively encourages women to take charge of their own health and beauty, by making good skin care a routine part of their beauty life – as routine as brushing your teeth – and teaches that every woman can be beautiful. With the release of her Face Care Collection, she has assembled a collection of crèmes and lotions with clinically proven ingredients – using the latest in skin care science – and she shares her straight forward daily beauty routine, which is uncomplicated and simple to follow.

A healthy lifestyle
Even as a young girl, Jaclyn embraced a healthy lifestyle, saying…” “If having your skin look alive and radiant is your goal, you may need to fine-tune your lifestyle to include several things that will help you to renew your skin – and keep it that way”.

Watch my overview on skin care.

An all encompassing video that speaks to the daily regimen that I have followed for years. It has worked well for me and will for you too!