Lorenzo Martin

Lorenzo Martin is represented by The Cloutier Agency in Los Angeles http://cloutieragency.com/lorenzomartin/, and is available for consultation and appointments at The José Eber Salon (310-278-7646) in Beverly Hills.

Interview by Dr. Brad Allen


A California native, Lorenzo Martin has had a passion for hair and makeup his entire life. His career began in California’s Napa Valley. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles in 2002 he became known for his thoughtful artistic sensibilities, stunning hairstyling techniques and flawless makeup.  In 2007 he was named one of LA’s best hair stylists by Allure Magazine.

He has worked with a roster of the industry’s best fashion photographers and stylists.  In addition to print and broadcast photo shoots and studio assignments for Jaclyn, Lorenzo’s clientele includes Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Radha Mitchell, Heather Locklear, Sophia Bush, Julia Ormond, Kelly Clarkson, Anastacia, and Felicity Huffman.  Masterful at both red carpet and editorial styling, Lorenzo’s work has been featured in campaigns for L’Oreal, T-Mobile, and, Di Mondola.  His work has graced the covers of InStyle, Tatler, People Magazines most beautiful, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour.


BA:    Everyone who knows Jaclyn knows her skin looks beautiful. Does her skin care regimen affect her makeup, and is this true for everyone?

Good skin care will improve the look of your makeup dramatically. A woman’s clean, moisturized skin enhances beautiful makeup.  Jaclyn has great skin because she follows a good daily skin care routine and uses excellent products.  It makes doing her makeup so much easier, since I don’t have to cover multiple skin problems. If you take care of your skin, you will enhance your look, and make it much easier for your makeup to look flawless.

BA:    Is there something special women could learn about Jaclyn’s approach to using makeup?

Definitely. Its less is more; period.  Jaclyn says this to me all the time, although for bright lights and camera we need to make it a little heavier.  But for every day, don’t overdo it.  Even if you keep it light, you can still accentuate certain features. Smoke up the eyes, a pop of color on the cheeks and light on the lips.  I also love that Jaclyn applies lip a gloss often.  It moisturizes the lips, and makes them sexy and shiny; in my mind, a woman can’t apply lip gloss too often.


BA:    What makeup changes can you recommend to women as they transition to nighttime looks, or for those special events?

LM:    There are a few. To change from a day look to a nighttime feel I suggest you punch up the eyes and lips with brighter colors. in general, I think playing up the eyes is certainly a key to creating a great night look. I like eye liners. You might take the same eye pencil you normally use, but in a darker color, and heavily lining the top and the bottom will instantly give you a smoky nighttime look; which in general looks great. If you don’t have the time to put on new shadow, you can also take the pencil and smudge it into the eye crease for the look of a darker shadow. For weddings I advise using shimmer colors and taking a softer approach to the application. For those occasions where you may be photographed, step it up and go stronger with everything. In general the makeup needs to be a bit stronger for bright camera lights. To really look great in that close-up, be sure to prep the skin using a quality cleanser and moisturizer. Use a glowing foundation along with defined – but soft eye shadow and add shimmer to cheeks and lips.  


BA:    I know you have more makeup secrets? Can you share any?

LM:    I’ll give you some of the most important ones:  Blend, Blend, Blend!  And always lightly powder after applying foundation. It sets your makeup and will keep you looking flawless longer … contour the jaw line with a darker blush … use a highlighter or a concealer under your eyes to brighten the area … try smudging eyeliner all over the lid and follow with an application of your particular shade of eye shadow… warm up your eyelash curler with a blow-dryer before giving your eye lashes a good curl. Be sure not to overheat, just a few seconds will do it … and, to look your most fabulous, absolutely apply false eyelashes. I recommend a strip type – versus individual lashes, but either will give you that little extra something…


BA:    What do you think are the most common problems women have when applying makeup?

LM:    There are several. Probably the most important one is that most women don’t prep their skin before applying makeup. It’s so important to cleanse thoroughly and to moisturize with good products before applying any foundation. In addition, I find that most women choose a foundation that is too light. In general, you should match your makeup to your neck and chest area.  Another common problem is that many women don’t blend from the face to the neck. This is easily fixed by using a makeup sponge to blend, to create a more even toned look – and avoiding lines between the face and neck.  Often, I see mascara that looks too clumpy. You should always comb through your eyelashes after applying mascara to smooth it out.  Lastly, lip liner should be blended with a little brush before applying lipstick... this is a very important step in making your lips look fabulous.


BA:    What do women need to know about applying foundations and blushers?

LM:    In general, I suggest women blend using a downward motion, and then set the foundation by dusting with a matching powder. I usually apply blush to the apple of the cheek with a slight upward motion out towards the side of the face. Sometimes I apply a darker tone under the apple to accentuate the cheekbone.  As you get older, I recommend using a crème blush instead of a powdered product to keep that youthful glow.I love, love, love both frost and iridescent–when applied in appropriately, like under the brow bone, the apples of the cheek and corners of the eyes.  A little sparkle brightens up the face.  In general, I like less during the day, and more at night.


BA:    Do you think women should change their makeup as they age?

LM:    I think a mature woman should keep up with the trends. They should just use a little less powder, because heavy powder can cake in wrinkles, making them more noticeable.  A good alternate is to try blotting paper instead of powder.

BA:    Is there a common beauty myth you would like to expose?

LM:    A lot of women tend to think that dry skin gives you wrinkles. Truth be told, it’s the sun that causes wrinkles, as well as age spots. It’s really important to moisturize and use a good sunscreen when outdoors year round, not just in the summer.  Make sure the sunscreen provides UVB as well as complete UVA protection, as UVA rays make up most of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and cause more skin damage. Look for sun blocs that have either zinc oxide or avobenzone - which are the only substances that provide that level of protection against UVA long rays. Women who develop age spots from the sun can hide them with the use of a good concealer and a dab of powder to set. With today’s technology age spots can often be removed by a laser, or by many good cream treatments.


BA:    We all see celebrities wearing sunglasses all the time, is this something you recommend for all women?

LM:    Absolutely. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays they also prevent squinting which can create even more lines around the eyes.

BA:    What do you do to combat the look of puffy eyes?

LM:    There are various products on the market to reduce puffiness. However, an easy home remedy would be using a cold spoon set on the eyes for 5 minutes – or until spoon warms.  The spoon can easily be cooled by just placing it in the freezer for a few minutes. Jaclyn recently used this exact trick when we were on location in New York City.


BA:    Are there essential “tools” every woman should have?

LM:    I believe that there are 3 essential tools for every makeup kit. A foundation brush, a blending Brush for smudging eyeliner, and an eyelash curler. And keeping your makeup kit well organized and hygenic is key.  For natural and synthetic hair, I recommend sanitizing regularly with brush cleaner to remove makeup residue and bacteria safely. This also keeps your brushes soft, allowing for a smoother makeup application. Make sure all tubes, bottles, jars and compacts are wiped clean after each use.

BA:    Finally, Lorenzo can you describe an easy to follow everyday make-up routine?

LM:    Sure. First, prep the skin with cleaners and moisturizers; then apply foundation and powder to set it. Next, define the eyebrows using a pencil or brow powder. Then, apply eye shadow, liner and mascara – in that order. Be sure to comb thru the mascara. Then apply a blush and contour. Then apply lip liner; blend it, and then add lipstick and gloss. And, curl eyelashes to separate and open the look of the eyes. By now you should be looking gorgeous!

Interview by Dr. Brad Allen